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New Media: Politicians Now Campaign Online

It is also claimed by many people regarding internet as nothing pornography and cybersex.

Love and finding love and losing love happens in the net,, it’s the most easy way to get in love and get inspiration as well as enemies.

Social networking sites are also taking the life off people,, they practically live in the celluloid world.

Post information and classified ads, find supplies or sellers, sells stuff and the like. Many businesses also depends on Twitter to post news, updates, communication within departments, connecting suppliers, and even announcing job postings through Twitter.

The farmers can get market information via Twitter without making the long journey from their farm, connect with other farmers in the area for tips and strategies, and sell their products to large companies. Thank you very much for this information and thank you very much for this kind of projects.  I hope this could be emulated in many parts of of the world. Godbless you guys!

By using tweeter, they could easily relay to a huge number of people what they have to say or stance on issues.

Globalization and Poverty

Psychologists are going gaga with discussion about a new type of addiction – Internet addiction.

Internet games also a phenomenon which had cemented and forever glued young peoples’ affinity to the cyber world.

Cyberspace sometimes might be maliciously eating your life, and when it is nourishing it. For young people 90% of teir lives depends on the net, they practically live and interact with the net

We must learn how to balance our life, Family time is important, Studies and work is important, we must learn to live a normal life and balance everything in moderation.

In Business, It can also be used by marketers to sell to their perspective clienteles or customers. For example, an Entrepreneur or a Marketer could monitor incoming Tweets with the search word “Franchise” and engages the tweeters in conversation, and eventually sells to them a business franchise.

New Media: Politicians Now Campaign Online

Many political analysts have ascribed the success of US President Barrack Obama’s campaign partly to the use of new media technologies.  It is also widely used by Politicians to raise campaign funds.

On these official websites, supporters and sympathizers of the various political parties all over the world get access to videos and pictures of campaign trails as well as news about the campaigns across all constituencies. Most of the presidential aspirants also have accounts and groups for their campaign on social networks such as FaceBook, twitter, Hi5, and MySpace.

Cyber Theft

All of us must be aware of security. Privacy is not guaranteed anywhere on the Internet. To provide credit card numbers, phone numbers, and other private personal information is not safe. Credit card is the always the most vulnerable tool for hacking in the internet. Servers that has no high end security and encryption technology are tantamount to being hack. Before you engaged into online shopping, be sure that the website you are using has certification, if in doubt email the administrator about it and ask for security. Encryption technology is the online payment technology that is widely used nowadays, sometime genius hackers can penetrate even the most secured sites.

In email exchange of conversations please don’t divulge important business information breaks up or address, phone numbers, personal details and importantly credit card numbers or personal account number. Email intrusions are normal types of hacking techniques used by cyber robbers. Internet is not safe medium only because of such culture violators.



Asians countries are following the lead of the United States to put a cap on credit card high interest rates in consonance with the global financial crisis.

The bill also prohibits credit card companies from compounding the interest charged on their customers.

Chiz Escudero as he is fondly called, who is one of the potential aspirant for the presidency in the  Philippine 2010 elections, said he wanted the bill to be passed immediately to ease the burden of credit card holders caused by high interest rates charged by banks/credit card companies.

When our people have no other recourse but to use their credit cards to pay tuition, buy essential goods, and even pay power and phone bills, then there is a need to protect them from volatility in the market, especially during these difficult times, Escudero said in an earlier statement. Compounding the interests, surcharges and penalties of credit card debts is the main reason many of the credit card users are now neck-deep in debt. This is one way of helping them out of the debt trap.